Welcome to Treasure Hunt Maastricht - the best way to discover the city! We develop digital treasure hunts through Maastricht and offer various adventurous and educational tours for groups and families of all ages.

Our quests are designed to take you and your party on a beautiful journey through the rich history and culture of this beautiful city. From the medieval streets to the rugged nature and imposing old factories, our tours offer you a unique experience that you will not find anywhere else. Whether you are looking for a fun activity for a company outing, team building, a family day, a birthday party or just a fun activity at Speurtocht Maastricht you have come to the right place. Our tours are suitable for groups of 2 or more and can be played 7 days a week. We offer different themes, such as the historic city center, the culinary route, various Pubwalks, and the mysterious night tour. Please note: Some of our quests are currently being modified and are therefore not available, our full range of quests will be back online as soon as possible

You can even book our scavenger hunts on the same day, this is possible because our scavenger hunts are completely digital, the only things you need are your mobile phone and a mood to have fun with your group. We have set up our scavenger hunts in such a way that they lead you to the most beautiful and coolest parts of Maastricht. So definitely enjoy the beautiful surroundings and Maastricht's rich history.


Our scavenger hunts all take place in the city of Maastricht, mostly in and around the city center. When you view the detail page for a scavenger hunt you will see the location, minimum age and date/time.

You will always participate in the scavenger hunt with your own company in private. To guarantee maximum levels of fun, groups larger than 6 will be split up into multiple groups. You will then arrange a booking per group and will also compete against each other! Which team is the quickest, and which team has the least penalties?

Book your scavenger hunt today at Speurtocht Maastricht and discover the city in a unique way! Whether you are a local resident or a visitor from outside, we guarantee you a great time and the chance to get to know the city in a new and fun way.

PubWalk "The Old City Center"
Scavenger hunt trough the old city center of Maastricht

Would you like to do something different than meeting up in the pub again, why not earn your drinks first? That is exactly what this treasure hunt through Maastricht is all about, having fun together. Puzzle together to find that well-deserved beer or wine. → CLICK FOR MORE INFO ←

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Escape The Front
Svavenger hunt through the Frontenpark

Want to do something fun with the family, relatives or friends? This is possible with this treasure hunt through the Frontenpark. In this quest you walk through the Lage Fronten and the Sphinxkwartier in search of the solution of this quest → CLICK FOR MORE INFO ←

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Speurtocht naar jullie cocktails door het Frontenpark in Maastricht

Even lekker erop uit? Dat kan met deze speurtocht door het Frontenpark. In deze speurtocht loop je door de Lage Fronten en het Sphinxkwartier op zoek naar een welverdiende cocktail → CLICK FOR MORE INFO ←

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